OUHSC - IT Alertshttps://news.ouhsc.edu/?z=14SYSTEMS ALERT: Enterprise Server Monthly Maintenance - Brief Disruption PossibleInformation Technology will perform routine monthly server maintenance Sunday, August 20, 2017 from 7:00AM – 2:00PM. This procedure is scheduled monthly to install security patches, perform upgrades and modifications, reboot systems and test fail-over capability.

REMINDER: IT will permanently remove the ability to dial 8 to reach off-campus phone numbers. Anyone currently using 8 to dial off-campus can select 9 to get an outside line.  If a department/college has a fax server or system that places calls on behalf of users (ex. appointment reminder systems), please work with the technical team responsible for that system to make sure the system is configured to dial 9 prior to the maintenance.

Brief disruptions may occur for Internet connectivity, all websites hosted by HSC IT, Exchange email, file and print services, database services, and PeopleSoft.

The time frame reserved for monthly maintenance is specified due to the large number of managed servers and in preparation for unexpected problems that can occur when patching and updating servers. Maintenance on primary services such as email and file services are scheduled early to minimize inconvenience to customers.


In the event a problem is experienced during these procedures, an extended disruption may be experienced. To find out what the problem is and how long you can expect the service to be down, please go to www.ouhsc.edu/InsideHSC/ or call the IT hotline at 405-271-4747.

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