Diversity Ally Training Unlearning Classism

Event date: 3/5/2020 8:00 AM - 10:00 AM iCal Export

Location: Robert M. Bird Health Sciences Library

The following workshops are now open for enrollment. Developed by OU Faculty,Staff, and Students, the series is intended to help our campus community have safe and meaningful conversations about differences, to increase awareness of personal and community bias, and to promote inclusion at work and in the classroom. These workshops may be completed in any order and give you the opportunity to earn the Diversity Ally Certificate.

What is Unlearning?

The concept of unlearning is based in the theory that with constant learning, we must unlearn and relearn certain principles and practices. The workshops assist in demonstrating how common practices and behaviors can systematically harm and marginalize others.

Unlearning may be formidable sounding, but the actual process brings about positive growth. The Diversity Ally workshops serve to challenge detrimental behaviors and encourage positive growth within our university community. 

Earn Your Diversity Ally Certificate

If you complete each of the five Unlearning workshops you will earn your Diversity Ally Certificate.

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