Major technological advance is changing treatment for patients requiring dialysis for kidney failure

Surgical oncologist Ajay Jain, M.D., has established his practice with the Stephenson Cancer Center at OU Medicine.

People with prediabetes or other risk factors for type 2 diabetes can reduce their risk of the disease by participating in the Harold Hamm Diabetes Center’s PreventT2 program.

OU Medicine neurosurgeons are using a new medical device to prevent aneurysm rupture and recurrence

An OU Medicine trauma surgeon and an OU College of Medicine student were among the leaders of a national research study that established new guidelines for preventing strokes in patients who have suffered a blunt traumatic injury to their necks.

Cell Biology researcher in the OU College of Medicine received a three-year, $960,000 grant from the National Institutes of Health to further her research on a protein called GGT – gamma-glutamyl transpeptidase.



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