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OU Researcher Lands $1.9 Million Grant to Study Workplace Hazard

Thursday, December 19, 2013 - Campus News -

Have you ever experienced raw, cracking hands after coming into contact with a certain substance? It happens a lot.

Now, a researcher at the University of Oklahoma Health Sciences Center has been awarded a four-year, $1.9 million grant to study a topic that impacts many workers on the job – skin irritations that arise due to contact with a variety of chemicals.

Industrial chemicals, soaps and detergents, and disinfectants – even long-term exposure to wet diapers - can trigger the acute inflammatory response in the skin called contact dermatitis. Contact dermatitis is one of the top 10 reasons for patient visits to their primary care physicians and 8 in 10 of those cases is caused by an irritant as opposed to an allergic reaction. 

When it happens, it looks a bit like a burn. The skin may appear dry, red and rough. Cuts or cracks may also form on the hands.  If it has happened to you, you know the discomfort it can cause, as well as the lost productivity for you and your employer. Some people have even had to change jobs.

OU researchers hope their work will lead to new ways to prevent or treat the skin condition, and also to develop a way to better predict which workers will be impacted.

What:  Media Briefing
When:  1:00 p.m., Friday – December 20, 2013
Where: Auditorium
             Samis Education Center, 1200 Children’s (formerly Philips) Avenue, 
              south of NE 13th
             (Enter at Children’s Hospital Atrium – Education Center is on right)
A live stream of the media briefing can be viewed at: 
Some support footage is available.
(Media may utilize valet parking or park in the lot on the south side of the Atrium – Code is 7600.)
For additional information, contact: Theresa Green @ (405) 833-9824 or

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